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In addition to IQF freezing units, our company  Alternative solutions to the various needs of the food industry  able to offer  and, unlike the usual, always prioritizes quality.​

  • Prewash machines

  • Water intake and feeding walkers

  • 90 degree turn  conveyors

  • Glayzing conveyor and walkers

  • Washing and spraying systems

  • Automation  systems and PLC applications

  • Special loading - unloading conveyor systems

  • AISI 304 quality stainless steel chassis  conveyors and elevators

  • AISI 304L and AISI 302 quality stainless steel wire braided tapes

  • Crumb Drums 

  • Freezing units for special products

  • Dual stage crumb pickers

  • PVC  -  PU  and modular belt special conveyors

  • Special production accessories with stainless steel material

  • Automatic filling machines and calibration straws

  • Redler type unbanded and tracked  IQF feed elevators

  • fish cooling tables  and  meat processing benches and trolleys

  • Industrial machinery assemblies and  panel insulation works

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