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Ephesus IQF Units are always one step ahead with their different features.

Within our company; designed according to the principle of "real fluidity"  Ephesus IQF tunnels have low thermal load, high capacities and  today's preferred,  economic shocking units.


Our company was established in 2002 at Bursa to manufacture IQF shocking units as a result of experiences gained by long-serving in the frozen food industry.


Maintaining the production quality at its topmost, our company has begun to export since 2003. Ephesus model IQF units and processing lines are constantly advancing towards becoming a trademark. A common prevailing element of many Efes model IQF units is being suitable for the 'True Fluidization' principle and performing an excellent IQF process through higher quality and greater volume for all kinds of fruit and vegetable goods.

Our company proves itself with its content customers by completing the manufacturing of many demanded machines in the frozen food 


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