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  • Spiral units are built on a steel ball-bearing with a particular movement mechanism. This particularly designed mechanism provides the belt and the drum with a fail-safe operation at various speeds. Unlike the chained and chain geared systems, disruption on the belt synchronization in time is beyond possibility.

  • As the vertical airflow is directed on the drum through high-efficiency fans with direct connected electric motors, It ensures the airflow hits the product then travels to lower layers by minimizing the air leaks through a complete stainless-steel cap system. With high-speed airflow reaching the extensive surface, greater quality is assured by decreasing up to -18 degrees in a 

  • short time.

  • Belt speed, unit temperature, washing, drying, and greasing are managed by a touch screen through the AISI 304 stainless steel electrical panel.

  • To prevent ovalization in products such as hamburgers, curve loader conveyor is optionally offered.

  • Varying layered units are optional for freezing various  products up to 120 mm. thickness.

  • The whole spiral system is placed in a locked and curved polyurethane isolation board where the interior surface is 10 cm thick and in AISI 304 standards. The input and the output of the product are directed outside the isolation panel.

  • Units reaching up to 23 floors whose belts are 260 meters long can be manufactured for higher volumes. We do manufacture spiral freezers from 500 kg/h capacity to 10 tons/h.

  • We offer stainless steel tubes, aluminum coverglassers, copper  tubes and thermal galvanization immersion for the elevators.

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