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Ephesus  IQF Units are always one step ahead with their different features.  ahead..

Within our company; designed according to the principle of real fluidity. Ephesus IQF tunnels have low thermal load, high capacities and  today's preferred,  economic shocking units.


Our company,  frozen  It was established in Bursa in 2002 to manufacture IQF freezing units as a result of many years of experience in the food industry. 

Our company, which keeps the production quality at the highest standards, has started to export abroad since 2003. Ephesus  model IQF units and pipelines are becoming brands day by day.  is on its way. Many Ephesus produced  common point of the model IQF unit,  It is to carry out the IQF process perfectly with high quality and high tonnage in all kinds of vegetable and fruit products in accordance with the principle of real fluidity.

Frozen with this quality awareness  Our company, which successfully performs the production of many machines needed in the food sector, proves its quality with the satisfaction of our customers.

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