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  • Spiral  type units are built on a steel bearing with a special movement mechanism. This specially designed movement mechanism has many different speed values; ensures error-free driving of drum and tape. Unlike chain and sprocket systems, band synchronization does not change over time.

  • While the air jet directed from top to bottom is directed onto the drum with the help of high efficiency direct coupled fans, it keeps air leaks to a minimum with its cover system made of stainless steel and ensures that the flowing air hits the product and reflects to the lower floors. The largest  High product quality is achieved by decreasing the value of -18 in a short time with the high speed air flow affecting the surface.

  • Belt speeds, temperature values in the unit, belt washing, drying and lubrication systems can be controlled with the help of touch screen over AISI 304 quality stainless steel electrical panel.

  • A curve loader conveyor is optionally available to prevent ovalization in products such as hamburgers. 

  • 120 mm for different products. Units with different floor intervals can be preferred so that the product can freeze up to the thickness of the product.

  • The inner surface of this spiral system is AISI 304 quality 10 cm thick, locked.
    and the angular polyurethane panel is placed inside the insulation. 
    The product inlet and outlet are taken out of this panel isolation.

  • Up to 23 times and total tape length for high capacities
    Units that can reach 260 meters can be produced.  We can produce spiral freezers with a capacity from 500 kilograms/hour to 10 tons/hour.

  • In Evoperator selection, we offer stainless pipe, stainless lamella, aluminum lamella, copper pipe and hot-dip galvanized options.

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